Our Name

The Nickel Capital of the world, Sudbury, Ontario is often referred to as the "Nickel City". The city is located in the Sudbury Basin, the third-largest known impact crater on Earth.

Our Location

We are active members of the Sudbury, Ottawa and Toronto Drupal communities and are proud to contribute to the City of Greater Sudbury through participation in local events and by supporting local businesses.

Our Mascot

Nickel City Creative is the proud owner Ryuzaki, the standard grey chinchilla. His inquisitive nature makes him the perfect pet for a creative development agency!

Nickel City Creative

Nickel City Creative is a Sudbury, Ontario based company that provides reliable, high-quality solutions to technical problems encountered by businesses, nonprofits and individuals located in Northern Ontario and internationally.

  • We specialize in providing integrated solutions from infrastructure and hardware to client-facing applications
  • We offer maintenance packages and support for all of our services and for existing solutions.
  • We meet with clients at their places of business, in their homes, in public spaces or remotely online, whichever is most convenient
  • Science North
  • Downtown Sudbury